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Journaling my thoughts and experiences has been my most impactful and healthy habit I started doing in life.

I try to be radically open about how I feel and where I stand in life. What worries I have. Why I have them? What I can do? What happened in my life I am grateful for. The act of writing it all down is so cathartic.

I try to share these journal entries freely with all in my look backs. It's hard to show vulnerability for all to see but in some ways its freeing too and it's been getting easier to do as I do more of them.

I use Day One for my private entries. Usually talking about my family, my love life or any truly private events I want to discuss and talk about there. Nothing beats a private journal in helping you sort your life out.

I started with journaling by writing Day Evaluations on cube calendar I got from my girlfriend. The little space on the card had just enough space to write something memorable that happened to me during the day. It was lovely.

If I ever feel down, I can just start writing and let go of all these negative thoughts. It also serves as a snapshot in time of how I felt. Many times, the simple act of writing makes you realize that these things I worry about are silly and are either not in my control or simply not worth even being sad over. It also acts as evidence that I have changed as a person. And that's truly empowering and motivating me to keep going to get better every day.

I love reading these journals:

Day One Journals