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2019 March

Moved these monthly evaluations to be done on first Sunday of the month and not last. This way I actually get information for the entire month before starting to evaluate it. And Sunday is a good day as it coexists well with my Week review so I can both write the month evaluation and set the new monthly goals & write out the week goals in the same day too to start things off on a good note.

London trip

Visited London with Valeriya for a week. London is definitely the most vibrant city I've been to thus far. UK also has one of the best ciders I've ever tasted. I left some notes about it here.

We got to see the place where Harry Potter movies were filmed. Lots of cool little props and stories from the set were there on display.

One thing I didn't like about London coming from NL is that biking in the city seems like signing a death sentence. Sometimes cyclists are on the same line as the bus and other cars and that can't be good. In NL, cyclists are a first class citizens of the city. Having said that, public transportation (Metro) in London does make up for this deficiency.

Paris trip

I visited Paris for my first ever Go conference (DotGo). Loved the conference and the event was quite inspiring as there were lots of things new to me and I can't wait to dig deeper into them. I haven't written any Go code in quite a while as I spend nearly all my coding time in JS/TS/React. But I have lots of tools that I can't wait to finally build to improve my workflow further and Go is a natural candidate for writing these tools. Writing in Go is simply a joy.


Aside from the two trips, I spent the rest of my time working at Enpicom. Feeling more productive and confident with what I can do.

I think this is mostly due to my previous efforts into 'completely' systematising my life. I have different contexts I try to operate in and when I am in a specific context I try my best to fully give in into the process. 0 distractions. And I can say in this month I have finally saw the returns of this amazing framework & the tools I have build/incorporated around this.

I love my Focus Trello board of weekly/monthly/quaterly/yearly goals. It grounds me a lot and gives a sense of direction in which I am going towards. So all is left is to allocate my finite resource of time accordingly and follow through with it.

In other news I had my wiki get to front page of HN and I got some interesting discussions from it. I also finally released my Build to learn project. Would love to see it evolve with time. In many ways it shares many of the ideas of why I've started this wiki. The wiki solves the problem of removing friction in sharing my knowledge via notes & links in continuous way. Build to learn solves the problem of removing friction from building & releasing ideas/tools I am playing around with in a continuous way. Will see where this leads.


Better than last month but still bad. 😞