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2019 January

It was quite awesome doing the last year's yearly looking back piece knowing I had documented what happened in my life in all 12 months. Let's keep this streak going this year too hopefully with much more interesting summaries & reflections.

First month at Enpicom

Finishing this January, I completed my first month working at Enpicom building out a platform for personalized immunotherapy treatments which at least in 2019 are crazy expensive. Bioinformatics is something I've come across before but never thought I'd be working on personally. Assuming this year goes as planned, I will learn a lot more about biology, immunology and all the other crazy things that we have evolved to do.

One thing I've come to realize working at Enpicom, is just how much having an amazing supportive team means for productivity and overall pleasure in getting work done. I am still a junior developer in terms what I can do without some assistance but I am going to be working hard to bridge that gap and be more senior with what I am capable of doing and delivering given enough time.

Trying to stay on top of things

One thing that started occurring more & more often is just how much stuff I am following (Twitter/HN/Lobsters/GitHub/Instagram) that is hard to stay on top of unless I plan to dedicate some 1+ hour a day to not only add it to 2Do for later view but actually go through the content and gain meaningful ideas. I plan to build some tools to help with this soon as well as get more aggressive in what content does get through my filters.

I have some interesting plans for next month and I can't wait to execute on them.