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Loved watching Queen's Gambit. I play on Lichess and analyze games I played after. Want to build a dedicated chess app for analysis retrieval as Lichess and aren't cutting it. does have nicer puzzles I do at times but I do love Lichess's cleaner UI and that it's OSS.

I enjoy watching great chess games & listening to game analysis. Magnus Carlsen, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Mikhail Tal, Daniil Dubov & Teimour Radjabov games are joy to watch.

Daniel Naroditsky, Gotham Chess & Eric Rosen have lots of videos to learn Chess from + enjoyable commentary.

The way I am trying to improve aside from watching/analyzing some high rated chess games is to analyze my own games with latest version of Stockfish.

Can use to transfer games to Lichess for deeper analysis as neither Lichess nor use latest Stockfish.

Nice players

Favorite games

Interesting openings