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Litestream, Postlite & Rqlite are neat. Like using deno_sqlite for scripts that query SQLite. SQLite, Rusqlite, Rusqlite Migration are great SQLite libs for Rust. sqlc is nice for Go. GRDB is nice for Swift.

I use SQLite for whenever I need an embedded database. Local apps etc. It works great for local first architectures like Replicache & Logux. If I don't need the embedded factor, I prefer using EdgeDB. Want to try using ws4sqlite.

Simple-Graph seems like a nice graph db plugin for SQLite. sqlite-zstd is amazing for compression.

Go SQLite database/sql tutorial is nice. SQLite Internals & How the SQLite Virtual Machine Works are great reads.

crsql, Marmot & Mycelite seem nice for replicating SQLite.

Looking into using libSQL, sqld & wa-sqlite.