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I use Sublime Merge as my git client app. And follow a series of rules when dealing with Git.

Josh, Glitter Lazygit seem neat. Think Like Git & What made you finally grok Git? are great reads.

git-branchless, git absorb & git-delete-merged-branches are useful.

gh GitHub CLI is great. Specifically gh pr checkout is useful. Git Alias is nice overview of various git commands. gh poi is nice for cleaning up branches.

gitoxide & go-git are nice reimplementations of Git.

Want to integrate gwipt into my workflow with feature branches.

Inlang is interesting tool to build git based apps.

isomorphic-git & WASM Git are nice if you want to run git in the browser.

Dolt seems interesting for version controlling data.

Hacker's Guide to Git, Advanced Git: Graphs, Hashes, and Compression and Inside the Hidden Git Folder are great talks.

I also am trying to run Git in browsers nicely.


  • cherrypick - move commit from some branch to another (do copy). if need to remove commit, do reset.



# set new git remote origin (
git remote set-url origin git://

# Cleanup .git
git repack -a -d --depth=250 --window=250

# Reset to previous commit
git reset HEAD~

# Reset to commit
git reset <commit hash> --hard

# Checkout previous commit
git checkout HEAD~

# Create new branch
git checkout -b

# Revert changes to modified files (working changes)
git reset --hard

# New branch without git history & files
git checkout --orphan

# Show where git configs get defined
git config --show-origin -l

# Undo last commit but don't throw away changes
git reset --soft HEAD^

# List all git submodules
git submodule--helper list

# Pull from PR
git pull origin pull/<issue ID>/head

# List remote branches
git branch -a

# Delete branch
git branch -d

# Delete remote branch
git push origin --delete

# Force overwrite git repo.
git push -f <remote> <branch>

# Reset to specific commit
git reset --hard <commit>

# Remove dir from git
git rm --cached -r <dir>

# Rename previous commit
git commit --amend

# Force push overwrite
git push --force origin master

# Hard reset a branch
git reset --hard <branch-name>

# Change remote. i.e. when making a fork of a clone to change upstream destination.
git remote rename origin upstream; git remote rename nikitavoloboev origin

# Change upstream to my name so it pushes there
git branch --set-upstream-to nikitavoloboev/master master

# Show changes between commits. Where f5352 and be73 are unique commit hashes.
git diff f5352 be73

# Update submodule
git submodule update

# Set PGP key for Git globally. <key> = fingerprint w/o spaces
git config --global user.signingkey <key>

# Clone git repo without history (much faster)
git clone [REPO] --depth 1

# Move your unstaged changes to a new branch (
git switch -c <branch-name>

# Remove sensitive info committed (
git obliterate <>
# Delete commit from remote.

# 1. Delete commit from local repo
git reset --hard HEAD~1

# 2. Delete commit from remote repo (can get commit using git log)
git push -f origin last_known_good_commit:branch_name

Change old commit message

# It is bad practice to rewrite history. Works best if no one has pushed commits on top of remote branch you want to rewrite history of.

# 1. Rebase to commit you want to change (~1 means the first ancestor of the specified commit)
git rebase -i <hash>~1

# Can also do this
git rebase -i HEAD~4 # where HEAD~4 = last 3 commits

# 2. Rename pick to reword (in opened editor) & save/quit

# 3. Change commit message in editor and save

# 4. Overwrite and remove duplicate commits
git push --force-with-lease

Quickly pull down PRs

git config --global --add '!f() { git fetch -fu ${2:-upstream} refs/pull/$1/head:pr/$1 && git checkout pr/$1; }; f'

git config --global --add '!git checkout master ; git for-each-ref refs/heads/pr/* --format="%(refname)" | while read ref ; do branch=${ref#refs/heads/} ; git branch -D $branch ; done'