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Nice OSS iOS Android apps

  • Musify - Clone of Spotify using Jetpack Compose.
  • Jerboa - Native android app for Lemmy.
  • ChatGPT Android - OpenAI's ChatGPT on Android with Stream Chat SDK for Compose.
  • Neeva Browser - Browser is built on top of Chromium, utilizing Jetpack Compose as the foundation for its UI.
  • Tasky - Task manager similar to a lite version of Google Calendar.
  • Pocket Casts Android app
  • LibreTube - Alternative YouTube front end, for Android.
  • ViMusic - Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music.
  • Now in Android - Fully functional Android app built entirely with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.
  • Alkaa - Open-source app to manage your tasks quickly and easily.
  • Signal Android
  • Dawn - Reddit client.
  • JetInstagram - Instagram UI clone app built with Jetpack Compose.
  • Expenso - Minimal Expense Tracker App built to demonstrate the use of modern android architecture component with MVVM Architecture.
  • Rally - Personal finance app that uses Material Design components and Material Theming.
  • Telegram
  • NY Times - Simple Demonstration of the New York Times App using Jsoup web crawler with MVVM Architecture.
  • Pinkt - Unofficial Pinboard android app, developed as a playground to study many topics related to Android. Kotlin + Coroutines + MVVM.
  • DuckDuckGo Android App
  • Tailscale Android Client
  • JetQuotes - Quotes Application built to Demonstrate use of Jetpack Compose with Modern Android Architecture Components & MVVM Architecture.
  • CloudStream-3 - Android app for streaming and downloading Movies, TV-Series and Anime.
  • HTTP Shortcuts for Android - Android app to create home screen shortcuts that trigger arbitrary HTTP requests.
  • TikTok Clone - Beautifully designed replica of the famous and trending TikTok app.
  • WhatsApp clone app built with Jetpack Compose - And Stream Chat SDK for Compose.
  • Tachiyomi - Free and open source manga reader for Android.
  • Url Forwarder - Enables you to use bookmarklets on Android.
  • Jelu - Self hosted read and to-read list book tracker.
  • StreetComplete - Easy to use OpenStreetMap editor for Android.
  • CloudStream - Android app for streaming and downloading Movies, TV-Series and Anime.
  • Dashlane Android app
  • Claw - Read-only Android client for, built using Jetpack Compose.
  • AnywhereGPT - Mobile app with seamless AI assistance.
  • Read You - Android RSS reader presented in Material You style.