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2023 February

Love Artem's journals. I got mentioned in his February look back as we visited HomeComputerMuseum and saw the history of computers. I loved it a lot and made some photos.

No more complaints etc. I still have 0$ on my account bla bla. What's important is what I've done, learned etc. So.

I did finally make a GitHub sponsors page with actual rewards.

5$ for private Discord. 25$ for private repos. For now at least.

Also had some truly interesting ideas, I think at least. I now have this as my GitHub bio.

It lists all the repos I have as they exist in my ~/src folder where I keep all the code. Expect clones, those go into ~/clones.

I also got an opportunity to work at Inlang, starting next month. Incredibly excited about it as it is actually my first ever job that is about writing an open source tool. And I love open source. And hate existing localization tools. So am excited to solve the problem well. Samuel thought about the problem a lot and does have a very nice solution for it using git running in the browser.

Aside from that, talking with Artem is always inspiring. He is learning compilers now and building his own programming language. Talking to him about difference between stack and heap and the different stages of compilers was eye opening. Need to take time to do some OS course and actually make some compiler too. My understanding of how things are laid out in memory and how languages work is too high level now.

Overall great month. And am exciting about the next one. Every day, moving closer and closer the goal of being happy with the way things are.

Focus for next month is Inlang, getting first release of LA and maybe first release of my todo app.

Trying to be more active on both Twitter and Instagram. Just posting raw thoughts/photos. Don't care if someone dislikes what I say or finds it boring. So freeing. ♥️

First time doing a collage like this. Just put some photos in Figma and arranged them.

I dream for the day when I will start writing these look backs not in Obsidian but in LA.



For a change as I think has more details than

In any way, tracking music listened will be native feature of LA soon.


Only saw ‎Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and some episodes of The Americans. Loved both.