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Below is just my thoughts on what is happening with Ukraine. I don't know all the details. Reality can and most likely is a lot different to what I think it is.

I do agree with this interview with respect to what will happen in future.

It's tragic what Ukraine has to deal through due to Russia's leaders miscalculated decisions based off misinformation and expectations to overwhelm Kyiv in first days of war and change Ukraine regime to try resolve issues it could not solve diplomatically.

The extent of this tragedy and the atrocities that happened are hard to understand in full. This gives a summary of what happened in first days of the war.

It's hard to stay truly informed on what's going on unless you take the time to study the sources of claims you read. I love and recommend Credible Defense subreddit's daily discussions as a nice way to get fact based reporting.

I like analysis of Anders Nielsen, Michael Kofman, Perun & William Spaniel. Ukraine/Russia report sub although with some bias tries to give news from both sides of the war.

Instead of wasting lives & destroying cities of its neighbors and oppressing it's own citizens, I hope one day a sane government comes where such a disastrous decision will be impossible to enact.

One silver lining in all this is that due to Russia losing out on its objectives of the war. It might stop wars of this nature from happening again in future. Such as China's threats of taking Taiwan against the will of Taiwanese people.