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2019 February

Writing this on 24th of February as it is the last Sunday of the month and 2Do doesn't yet support recurring end of month tasks. Soon. ™️

Aside from the usual tons of learning, further optimizing and focus on health and mindfulness with focus, I want to further pay more attention to creating things rather than consuming. I have 112 hours in a week to spend assuming I get my 8 hours of sleep daily. This doesn't seem like that much and it's so easy to waste or spend that time on things that don't move me closer to my goals. Mindfulness and focus. That's what I want to focus on the next month once again because I have goals and things I want to build & complete. It's only a matter of finding/making time to complete these things. As well as doing a great job as a full time employed engineer at Enpicom.

Speaking of Enpicom, I've been enjoying the experience of working there a lot. Amazing team, incredible product and one of those 10 year long projects (or so called moonshots) that you will be glad you worked on in 10 years time. At Enpicom, we have the monthly 1-1 talks with the CTO of the company to discuss how you've done well and how you think you can improve as well as getting useful feedback from the CTO himself. In fact there is quite a lot of retrospection going on at all the phases of development. And it's amazing. I want these looking back entries to be more retrospective too. Be honest with myself and where I stand in life now and what I can further improve.

Moved to Den Bosch

I moved to Den Bosch this month and been enjoying living closer to the office and not paying outrageous Amsterdam rent. I also have a cat that likes to visit my home and hang out. 🐈

I also realized that coffee withdrawal is a real thing and it sucks. So no more coffee for me for a while. I will need to monitor caffeine intake and focus on drinking pure tea & water which I enjoy drinking already.


Lots of time spent on News which I mostly use as a catch all for any time that I've not spent not of my real projects. I also started setting Timing weekly project goals that looks like this:

As can be seen, my goal of less than 3 hours of News time a week was not met in February. Not even close. 😞

Next month this chart should hopefully look a lot closer to how I expect it to look. I am super happy to further streamline & automate my process of getting things done and removing as much friction as I can from my life and work.