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Kubernetes plugins


  • kubectl tree - Kubectl plugin to browse Kubernetes object hierarchies as a tree.
  • kubectl trace - Kubectl plugin that allows you to schedule the execution of bpftrace programs in your Kubernetes cluster.
  • k-vswitch - Easy-to-operate, high performance and secure Kubernetes networking plugin based on Open vSwitch.
  • amazon-vpc-cni-k8s - Networking plugin repository for pod networking in Kubernetes using Elastic Network Interfaces on AWS.
  • Kubetap - Enables an operator to intercept all incoming HTTP traffic for a given Kubernetes Service.
  • kubectl flame - Kubectl plugin for effortless profiling on kubernetes.
  • kiam - Integrate AWS IAM with Kubernetes.
  • Kube-secret-syncer - Kubernetes operator to sync secrets from AWS Secrets Manager. (HN)
  • kubectl-view-allocations - kubectl plugin lists allocations for resources (cpu, memory, gpu,...) as defined into the manifest of nodes and running pods.
  • Helm mapkubeapis Plugin - Map deprecated or removed Kubernetes APIs in a release to supported APIs.
  • Secret Manager - Kubernetes add-on to automate the creation and renewal of secrets from various external secret sources.
  • helm-cronjobs - Define an array of jobs in values.yaml helm will take care of creating all the CronJobs.
  • Lockbox - Secure way to store Kubernetes Secrets offline.
  • NVIDIA device plugin for Kubernetes
  • VictoriaMetrics operator - Kubernetes operator for Victoria Metrics.
  • rakkess - Kubectl plugin to show an access matrix for server resources.
  • SOPS: Secrets OPerationS - Operator which manages Kubernetes Secret Resources created from user defined SopsSecrets CRs.
  • KubePug - Kubernetes PreUpGrade (Checker).
  • Druid Kubernetes Operator
  • Notifications Engine - Affordable notifications for Kubernetes.
  • k6 Operator - Operator for running distributed k6 tests.
  • TiDB Operator - TiDB operator creates and manages TiDB clusters running in Kubernetes.
  • kube-watch-diff - kubectl plugin for watching resources and generating diffs.
  • ksniff - Kubectl plugin to ease sniffing on kubernetes pods using tcpdump and wireshark.
  • kubelogin - Kubectl plugin for Kubernetes OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication.
  • kubectl-kubesec - Security risk analysis for Kubernetes resources.
  • kubectl janitor - List Kubernetes objects in a problematic state.
  • Argo CD Operator - Kubernetes operator for managing Argo CD clusters.
  • Sealed Secrets - Kubernetes controller and tool for one-way encrypted Secrets. (Web interface)
  • kubectl-iexec - Kubectl plugin to interactively exec into a pod.
  • Coil - CNI plugin for Kubernetes designed for scalability and extensibility.
  • Gatekeeper - Policy Controller for Kubernetes.
  • Kuberhealthy - Kubernetes operator for running synthetic checks as pods. Works great with Prometheus.
  • Kubernetes Operator for Apache Flink
  • kubectl-curl - Kubectl plugin to run curl commands against kubernetes pods.
  • Kubernetes Security Profiles Operator - Out-of-tree Kubernetes enhancement which aims to make it easier for users to use SELinux, seccomp and AppArmor in Kubernetes clusters.
  • Apache APISIX for Kubernetes - Ingress controller for K8s.
  • Hazelcast Platform Operator
  • kubectl-reap - kubectl plugin that deletes unused Kubernetes resources.
  • kubectl-graph - kubectl plugin to visualize Kubernetes resources and relationships.
  • kubectl-plugins - Plugin useful for Bulk operations.
  • OpenEBSCTL - kubectl plugin to manage OpenEBS storage components.
  • Gemini - Automated backups of PersistentVolumeClaims in Kubernetes using VolumeSnapshots.
  • kubectl status - Kubectl plugin to print a human-friendly output that focuses on the status fields of the resources in kubernetes.
  • Chaos Controller - Datadog chaos controller for Kubernetes.
  • Detector for Docker Socket (DDS) - kubectl plugin to detect if active Kubernetes workloads are mounting the docker socket (docker.sock) volume.
  • krelay - Better alternative to kubectl port-forward that can forward TCP or UDP traffic to IP/Host which is accessible inside the cluster.
  • kubectl-whoami - kubectl plugin that show the subject that's currently authenticated as.
  • kubectl-pod-inspect - Kubectl plugin to list pod containers' status.
  • kubectl-decoder - Kubectl pluging that decodes Kubernetes Secrets - done with WebAssembly and WASI.
  • kubectl-kubewarden - Experimental kubectl plugin that interacts with a Kubewarden instance deployed on top of a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Open Feature Operator - Kubernetes native operator that allows you to expose feature flags to your applications.
  • Kubernetes Buildkite Plugin - Runs Buildkite Steps as Kubernetes Jobs.


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