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This Week in Godot is nice newsletter.

Nice Godot OSS apps

  • Knakk - Casual flip-and-write game in Godot 4.
  • Lorien - Infinite canvas drawing/note-taking app that is focused on performance, small savefiles and simplicity. (HN)
  • LiBlast - Libre Multiplayer FPS Game Built with Godot 4 and Blender.
  • Shotcaller - Minimalistic 1v1 MOBA/RTS in top-down pixel style.
  • Mightiest Steel - Power metal strategy RPG.
  • Star Engine - Multi-level API for developing RPG-like games in Godot.
  • ROTA - Made with Godot 3.5 / Gravity Bending Puzzle Platformer.
  • Builder 2D game - Simulation game demo made in Godot and inspired by Factorio.
  • GDTLancer - Performance-friendly 3D space game inspired by Freelancer, Orbiter and EVE.
  • Tabletop Club - Open-source platform for playing tabletop games in a physics-based 3D environment.
  • Godot 2D Rhythm Game
  • Mandrake - Simple open-source turn-base RPG.
  • Abandoned Spaceship Godot Demo - Godot 4 demo scene of abandoned spaceship in overgrown hangar.