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2021 March

Watched Better Call Saul. An amazing show truly.

Took a break from work this month despite the hard set goals I set for myself. Breaks are good too if you can afford them.

What's happening to Navalny always puts my life in perspective. Why can humans be so bad, it's insane to me. I hope he will be freed soon and Russia actually starts to prosper.

The other little things I appreciated this month were spending a lot of time with my GF. Walking, drinking coffee and talking about all the different things. The weather is finally starting to be warm again which is great.

I did learn quite a bit this month and started going through the CSS for JS devs course.

This month has been quite funny too especially with the boat getting stuck.

Oh and Fuck This Pandemic.

This is my new goto focus song. 🌸

And tripping listening to Hania Rani is bliss. 13:00 onwards is ♥️. Leaving is the song.