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I use Streaks iOS app to ensure I complete my 6 daily habits I try to follow to live a happy life. The habits are chosen with great care and are a subset of my life rules.

I get a notification every day at 19:00 on my phone to complete the habits. I do plan to build an app of my own to replace Streaks as I want the evening habit check to include a look back on the day too. And be more customizable and faster to use.

I go through morning and evening routines I do in processes.

Habits described​

Cardio / Weights autofilled through my health data. It includes workout minutes from running/cycling & bodyweight/lifting workouts. Bodyweight/lifting is tracked with Strong, Streaks Workout, Fitbod or Down Dog apps.

Activity rings autofilled through my health data and is marked as done when all the ring goals are complete. My current calorie goal is ~ 700 calories with fixed 50 min workout & 12H standing goals.

Health | Clean marked as done when I drank mostly water & tea with limited coffee (if any, as I often get attention crashes after). I also ate only/primarily nutritious whole foods (nuts/veggies/fruits/..) with focus on completing my micro & macro nutrient goals. I also kept my skin clean and washed/smelled well throughout the day.

Focus | Impact marked as done when I was not distracted by anything during the day (went through my todos one by one) (no analytics & pointless time wasters). I worked on my goals & used time wisely. I was calm, mindful and happy.

Happy | Open / Kind marked as done when all/most of my values and rules were held well. I showed love to people I care about & myself (true love & letting go of any mistake/accident). I made new things and shared them. I was myself & unafraid of anything. Happiness is often a side effect of a nice day.

Plan | Journal marked as done when I made a plan for tomorrow and reflected on the day in my journal. Writing helps me clear up my mind and clean up life and my thinking. Planning includes: 1. Calendar check. 2. Tasks (for next day, especially important to define the first task!). Everything is planned as per the week goals.

New habits​

I try learn new habits proactively by building systems and thought processes that lead me in directions I want to go. Everything is built around well defined rules & processes.