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2022 July

Staying in my parent's Spanish house this summer. Going to build some exciting things. Every time I come back and meet the family, I'm reminded by what I truly care about. My dogs: Rachel and Layci. The cats: Lex, Snoop and Didi. My family. My wife. It's nice to spend time with them. I also hope to teach my sister and brother coding. I had my first few lessons already and it was great fun.

Picking up day evaluations & Obsidian.

Going to try bring back the habit of writing day evaluations. Now in Obsidian. Not sure how to handle ability to combine private entries with public inline ideally. So as I write each summary of the day, I still have private space to write that won't get committed and published.

Today I found out I spent 70€ for an empty database because I genuinely thought it would cost max 5€ to just have an empty DB up with GCP. Lessons learned.

I am also exploring more of entgo. And we started watching Haunting of Hill House. It's actually quite scary at times.

Oh and it's been fun watching Chess 2022 candidates. Rapport, Nepo & Nakamura had some fun games.

London visit with sister

Also Spent time with my sister in London as she did her film academy course.

Interim I need to write some code to make the look backs better. The current system is quite bad I feel and I also have huge imposter syndrome whenever I read other people's look backs like Artem. My life is much less exciting. 😿


Joanna by Sevdaliza is incredible.