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Web-Scale Blockchain for fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces.

Diving into building dApps with Solana. This article & thread are nice intro guides. Anchor is great framework.

Proof of history: what is it good for? is nice read too as it questions Solana's consensus mechanism.

I buy SOL with Binance (SEPA transfer). You can then stake SOL in many ways including Binance or Marinade. Marinade is neat because from staked SOL, you get mSOL token which can act like SOL but you still get staked rewards. Or you can put mSOL into liquidity pool or use it with Solend or similar services. I don't find them useful though.

For me the value of SOL token is Solana blockchain itself. The fact that I can transact fast and cheap. And run some programs that in theory can't be stopped or blocked as easily. I am still exploring what useful things can come out from this aside from 'doing crime online'.

I also wish I could transact SOL coins without any trace similar to Monero (dislike it using POW) or Tornado Cash.

I use SOL from Glow Wallet as it has best integrations including nice Safari plugin and iOS app. Converting SOL to FIAT is seamless too which is great unless you are staking, in which case you'd have to wait a little.

NFToken is nice for minting NFTs. For all the criticism that NFTs got, I think it can have some merit, if only as a way of supporting creators in more interesting ways.

Out of all cryptocurrencies I know of, to me Solana and Monero hold most usefulness. Each currency being used for a purpose and never as some investment vehicle.

I also think solving micro transactions (currently not possible due to Mastercard/Visa monopoly on online transactions and their 3% fees) has a nice future as far as cryptocurrencies go.

Sling is great.


  • Holaplex - Design and Host Your Metaplex NFT Storefront. (Twitter) (Code)
  • Zoolana - P2P meeting app built on Solana.
  • Sollectify - Fast and easy to use NFT marketplace on Solana blockchain.
  • Synthetify - Decentralized synthetic assets exchange.
  • Star Atlas - Grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.
  • Break Solana Game - Consists of a 3 parts: a web client frontend, a web server backend, and an on-chain Solana program. (Code)
  • SolDate - Make love happen on Blockchain. Receive rewards on finding a match. (Twitter)