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2022 December


Did a bit of Advent of Code with my brother in JS.


Don't usually watch football but watching the highlights of the Argentina - France world cup final was fun. Happy Messi got his trophy and Argentina got their win. It's so great that communities like r/soccer exist to discuss things in real time worldwide.

One thing that did surprise me once again though is just how impossible it was to actually find a way to watch the match live. Every stream is paywalled and it's not even clear who owns the official stream. Who do you even give money to watch the thing? So I just saw the highlights of the goals and attempts on the goal.

When I lived in London, I played football week and loved it. Now that I moved and know no one that organizes matches, I should actually find friends that want to play. That's not as easy as it turns out.

Also played Overcooked 2 on playstation with partner and watched Andor. Both were great fun.

Oh and Twitter. It's been like 6 weeks now that Elon bought it. I honestly don't have much of an opinion except I do think Twitter will live despite whatever silly policies Elon enacts. But every policy is a clear reminder that you own nothing on Twitter. Everything you say is subject to constantly changing rules that at least at this moment, users have no control or weigh in over. Maybe that changes in future.

On my side, it makes me even more motivated to build out LA as my primary way to store thoughts/notes/links/images/.. And for me to own the data and only use these services to relay things and get real time feedback as currently Twitter is unmatched with its network and the perfect combination of features to conduct public discourse. I did hope that with Elon coming there'd be less bots, maybe more care put into APIs, finally making it so long pressing like icon would bookmark a tweet but these seem wishful thinking now. Whatever did happen in these last 6 weeks is only for the best though. More people know what Mastodon is and its unique take on social networks. I am curious how much Mastodon can innovate as compared to a fully focused Twitter dev team. I imagine innovating on protocol level is much harder but at the same time Mastodon codebase is open source which is truly beautiful.

I would move to Mastodon fully if only I didn't hate the fact that there are no 'global likes' there. Such a waste that this is the case as I get most of my favorite content by checking out likes of certain people I admire.

I did like this episode's comments on Twitter, they covered many things well I think. Also covered recent news around nuclear fusion being closed to solving. Excited about that.

Oh one other thing, since I started finally taking care of my skin, I absolutely love how my skeep feels especially after applying Vitamin C on it. Such a nice feeling.