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Elm libraries


  • Elm Land - Production-ready framework for building Elm applications. (Code) (Hello world)
  • elm-pages - Framework for building an Elm single-page app with pre-rendered HTML pages. (Web) (2.0 release)
  • http - Make HTTP requests in Elm.
  • elm-graphql - Autogenerate type-safe GraphQL queries in Elm.
  • Elm Animator - Timeline-based animation engine for Elm.
  • elm-vegaLite - Vega-Lite Integration for functional declarative visualization.
  • elm-charts - Create SVG charts in Elm. (Web)
  • Elm UI - UI library for making web applications with Elm.




  • HTML - Quickly render HTML in Elm.
  • Elm Visualization - Data visualization library for Elm.
  • elm-in-elm - Elm compiler written in Elm.
  • Elm CLI Options Parser - Build type-safe command-line utilities in Elm.
  • another-elm/std - Standard libraries for Elm.
  • Maybe.Extra - Convenience functions for working with Maybe.
  • elm-street - Library for generating Elm types and JSON codecs from Haskell types.
  • json-to-elm - Create Elm type aliases and decoders based on JSON input.
  • elm-posix - Write CLI-scripts in Elm.
  • TaskPort - Elm module allowing to call JavaScript APIs from Elm using the Task abstraction.
  • Elm Safe Recursion - Elegant recursion without blowing the stack.
  • Parser - Parsing library, focused on simplicity and great error messages.
  • List Extra - Convenience functions for working with List.