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I like IRC even though Discord is a strictly superior experience. I currently use Matrix and Element client to connect to IRC Freenode channels I care about.

In Textual, when I did use it, I used Geeza Pro Regular 18pt font & built in Tomorrow Night (Eighties) theme.

Textual has great channel search feature.

One day I hope someone makes a solid macOS native client for Matrix that has all the features and speed of Textual.


  • I can inspect HTML of the window by going to HELP -> Advanced -> Enter Developer Mode and then right clicking on what I want to inspect.
  • Right click on chat background and Force Reload Style will reapply the styles you made in the active theme (as well as the JS code).
  • CMD + enter when typing will render text as /me command. OPT + CMD will allow to write multi line text.
  • Can jump instantly to a channel using url scheme. With Developer Mode enabled, right click on channel and Copy Unique Identifier. Then open URL (in KM) like textual://goto/2F49204B-971F-4016-920B-CC15A308581C where the thing after goto/ is the id.
  • ⌥⌘U = hide right sidebar.