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I now operate my life's priorities through Height. Until I build my own tool for this.

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Previously I tried Notion but it lacks ability to track progress on tasks/ideas.

Below is somewhat general gist of where I am trying to lead my life towards.


Learn Anything

Make the best tool for learning anything and sharing ideas. Release website, mobile app, API. Build up community.

Expand personal site

Lots of inspiration. I want a personal space I can expand and build upon (experiment).

Blog, wiki, art, projects, photos. Look backs as nice newsletters + rich derived data (from GitHub/Twitter/..).

Read books / papers

Read relevant books & papers.

Build better tools for everything

Lots of ideas around improving my workflow further. Build them.


Healthy mind/body

Eat healthy and exercise daily. Work ergonomically. Follow rules.

Learn what matters. Solve problems. Share learnings.

Understand tools I use deeply. Solve problems & write about what I learned.

Remove complexity/waste. Streamline processes.

Remove any friction I feel. Filter out wasteful news, info. No thoughtless actions. Focus on goals & todos. No time wasted.

Go out of my comfort zone. Meet people.

Make screencasts/videos to educate. Write. Practice photography. Compose music. Design. Share & learn with community.

Be inspired & improve myself. Reach out to people I admire.

Plan bigger. Save the planet.

Create amazing things for a better future.

Focus on solving real global problems like reversing climate change (electrically powered everything, fully renewable energy), saving animals (animal rights same as humans, can't be eaten, can't be harmed) and overthrowing oppressive regimes.

Earth is for everyone, not just humans. Be kind. Be goal & value driven.