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I share all ideas of things I want to build or building now in Height. And I share ideas I published here.

I am focusing my time on building Learn Anything & KusKus. KusKus will hold all public ideas I will have once it's built.

I try to give my full attention to any ideas I am working on. As well as trying many things. Everything I try build benefits me in some way.

I try to expose myself to novel experiences and be attentive to everything. Conversations I have, things I notice. What I feel. Any kind of friction I feel is an idea to build something to get rid of the friction, so I write it down, sort by priority and build it or let someone build it by sharing the idea.

Few things that inspire new ideas are travelling to new places, meeting new people (asking what everyone is excited about right now), going for walks and nice showers. Plus listening to great podcasts, movies/series. Well everything really can spark an idea. Just make sure to note it down and work on them as all ideas start fragile and can be easily killed or forgotten.

I note all my ideas in LA. For ideas I am exceptionally excited about, I share it on Twitter or friends that may have interest in it, to get a feel of what others think. It could be others have solved the problem well already.