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Kotlin libraries


  • Kweb - Web framework for Kotlin developers.
  • OkHttp - Square’s meticulous HTTP client for the JVM, Android, and GraalVM.
  • Javalin - Simple and modern Java and Kotlin web framework. (Web)
  • NetworkResponseAdapter - Kotlin Coroutines based Retrofit call adapter that handles errors as a part of state.
  • Apollo Kotlin - Strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for the JVM, Android, and Kotlin multiplatform.
  • Ktor - Asynchronous framework for creating microservices, web applications and more.
  • Ktor OpenAPI Generator - Ktor OpenAPI/Swagger 3 Generator.
  • KVision - Object oriented web framework for Kotlin/JS.
  • kotlinx.html - Kotlin DSL for HTML.
  • Arrow Endpoint - Composable Endpoint datatype, that allows us easily define an Endpoint from which we can derive clients, servers & documentation.


  • Skiko - Kotlin Multiplatform bindings to Skia.

Jetpack Compose

  • Multiplatform Compose - Kotlin library to use Jetpack Compose in Android and iOS. Allow to write UI for both in Kotin.
  • Mosaic - Tool for building console UI in Kotlin using the Jetpack Compose compiler/runtime.
  • Twitter's Jetpack Compose Rules - Static checks to aid with a healthy adoption of Compose.


  • Kotest - Powerful, elegant and flexible test framework for Kotlin with additional assertions, property testing and data driven testing. (Web)
  • Turbine - Small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow.
  • Kaspresso - Great UI test framework.
  • Kotest Extensions Arrow


  • kotlinx-cli - Pure Kotlin implementation of a generic CLI parser.
  • Konsole - Declarative, Kotlin-idiomatic API for writing dynamic command line applications.
  • Clikt - Multiplatform command line interface parsing for Kotlin.


  • Krush - Idiomatic persistence layer for Kotlin.
  • SQLDelight - Generates typesafe Kotlin APIs from SQL.
  • DBFlow - Fast, efficient, and feature-rich Kotlin database library built on SQLite for Android.
  • jasync-sql - Java & Kotlin Async DataBase Driver for MySQL and PostgreSQL written in Kotlin.
  • Exposed - Kotlin SQL Framework.
  • supabase-kt - Kotlin Multiplatform Client for Supabase.


  • GraphQL Kotlin - Libraries for running GraphQL in Kotlin.
  • Nadel - GraphQL DSL and execution engine for distributed schemas.


  • emo - Speed up android development.
  • Coil - Image loading for Android backed by Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Fuse - Simple generic LRU memory/disk cache for Android written in Kotlin.
  • MediaPicker - Kotlin Android library to pick images, videos and audios.


  • Arrow - Functional companion to Kotlin's Standard Library. (Web)
  • AutoDsl - Auto-generate Kotlin DSL.
  • StateMachine - Kotlin DSL for finite state machine.
  • ForK Handles - Foundational libraries for Kotlin.
  • kotlin-retry - Higher-order function for retrying operations that may fail.
  • KMP-NativeCoroutines - Library to use Kotlin Coroutines from Swift code in KMP apps.
  • Hoplite - Boilerplate-free Kotlin config library for loading configuration files as data classes.
  • Splitties - Collection of hand-crafted extensions for your Kotlin projects.
  • AWS SDK for Kotlin
  • Comachine - Kotlin coroutine capable Finite-State Machine (multiplatform).
  • jte - Secure and speedy templates for Java and Kotlin. (Web)
  • kotlinx.serialization - Kotlin multiplatform / multi-format serialization.
  • Odyssey - Declarative multiplatform navigation library for Multiplatform Compose.
  • Micro Template - Tiny and simple text templating library for Kotlin.
  • KotlinGrad - Shape-Safe Symbolic Differentiation with Algebraic Data Types.
  • Kaliningraph - Graph based IR in Kotlin.
  • projector-server - Server-side library for running Swing applications remotely.
  • kjob - Lightweight coroutine based persistent job/cron scheduler written in Kotlin.
  • ktoml - Multiplatform TOML parser and serializer/deserializer for Kotlin Native.
  • DI.kt - Simple and powerful DI for kotlin multiplatform.
  • Textricator - Tool to extract text from documents and generate structured data.
  • Komposable Architecture - Kotlin implementation of Point-Free's composable architecture.
  • Kastree - Simple library to manipulate Kotlin source code as a set of AST objects.
  • Stately - State utility library to facilitate state management in Kotlin Multiplatform.
  • Aurora - Building modern, elegant and fast Compose Desktop applications.
  • Okio - Modern I/O library for Android, Java, and Kotlin Multiplatform.
  • Reaktive - Kotlin multi-platform implementation of Reactive Extensions.
  • Orbit - Virtual actor framework for building distributed systems.
  • konform - Portable validations for Kotlin.
  • gRPC-Kotlin - Kotlin gRPC implementation. HTTP/2 based RPC.
  • Kotlin Dataframe - Typesafe in-memory structured data processing for JVM.
  • Meilisearch for Kotlin - Type-safe and Kotlin Coroutine-based client for Meilisearch.
  • KaMP Kit - Collection of code and tools designed to get your mobile team started quickly with Kotlin Multiplatform.
  • Kermit - Kotlin Multiplatform centralized logging utility.
  • CrashKiOS - Crash reporting for Kotlin/Native iOS applications.
  • FlowRedux - Kotlin Multiplatform State machine library with nice DSL based on Flow from Kotlin Coroutine's.
  • DiffKt - Differentiable Programming Framework for Kotlin.
  • Module Saga - Saga pattern implementation in Kotlin build in top of Kotlin's Coroutines.
  • Arrow Meta - Functional companion to Kotlin's Compiler.
  • Arrow Tracing - Distributed Tracing for Kotlin.
  • Module KotlinX Serialization JsonPath
  • Kotlin-Kafka - Kafka bindings for Kotlin suspend, and Kafka streaming operators for KotlinX Flow.
  • Kotlin Wrappers - Kotlin wrappers for popular JavaScript libraries.
  • OPENRNDR - Kotlin/JVM library for creative coding, real-time and interactive graphics.
  • Polyhedra Explorer - Interactive polyhedra explorer with animated transformations.
  • Lets-Plot - Open-source plotting library for statistical data.
  • Kopykat - Utilities for more pleasant immutable data in Kotlin.
  • KoWasm - WASI and WebAssembly Component Model support for Kotlin/Wasm.
  • Wisp - Utilities, including config, logging, feature flags and more.
  • Napier - Logging library for Kotlin Multiplatform.
  • Misk - Microservice Kontainer.
  • Zipline - Run Kotlin/JS libraries in Kotlin/JVM and Kotlin/Native programs.
  • EffeKt - Kotlin reactive library inspired by Vue.
  • Inikio - Better initial-style DSLs in Kotlin.
  • Parsus - Parser-combinators with Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Kalium - SDK used to create a Wire client on Android and JVM.
  • Quiver - Library that builds upon Arrow to make functional programming in Kotlin even more accessible & delightful.
  • Multiplatform Settings - Kotlin Multiplatform library for saving simple key-value data.
  • kotlin-result - Multiplatform Result monad for modelling success or failure operations.
  • xef - Building applications with LLMs through composability, in Kotlin, Scala.
  • kotlinx.benchmark - Kotlin multiplatform benchmarking toolkit.
  • Redwood - Multiplatform reactive UI for Android, iOS, and web using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose.
  • Molecule - Build a StateFlow stream using Jetpack Compose.
  • kotlinx-io - Kotlin multiplatform I/O library.
  • Mokkery - Mocking library for Kotlin Multiplatform, easy to use, boilerplate-free and compiler plugin driven.
  • kediatR - Mediator implementation in Kotlin with native coroutine support.
  • Koru - Simple coroutine wrappers for Kotlin Native. Generated from annotations. Compatible with RxSwift, Combine, async-await.