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2018 October


Somewhat stressful month. Very frustrating trying to learn and make things but failing again & again. Going to try focus on my health once again. I don't really exercise yet I should. Whole food plant based diet is starting to pay its dividends I feel. Also started drinking lots & lots of green tea.


  • (6) Last few days have been stressful. Learning the massive stack of building web applications with React/Redux/Node and tons of other little libraries and abstractions is not easy. It’s really fun though and I am getting better at it every day.
  • (6) I also been really active on Twitter which I really enjoy using. Which is why I haven’t updated this diary in quite some time. I am trying to find more balance in life and am going to start really paying attention to my health through fitness, mindfulness and having clear purpose and goals in whatever I’m trying to do.