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Use NetNewsWire to stay on top of blogs I like with RSS.

At some point I used Inoreader & Reeder.

I separate blogs I follow by quality into 1. & 2. folders accordingly.

I share my XML subscription feed of blogs I follow. I also follow some people on Substack, Medium.

I found a wiki to be a superior approach to sharing knowledge than articles that quickly become outdated thus I stopped blogging in 2018.

I may start writing long form content again, high quality and also as part of this wiki.

My personal site is currently written with Solid (code here). Once I move the wiki to my personal stack and not Docusaurus, I will start writing more long form articles again but have ways to keep them up to date.

Simple Blog Astro Template or Deno Blog (example code) are also a pretty minimal blog implementations. Proselog looks interesting too.

Bartosz Ciechanowski's Blog is absolutely incredible.

Favorite blogs