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I use Spark email client connected to various Gmail accounts for my email and I follow some rules when dealing with email. I heavily use labels for indexing important emails and approach emails in GTD way, actioning on every email and keeping my Inbox as close to 0 as possible.

I subscribe to a few newsletters and unsubscribe from anything that brings no value and only adds noise.

gmailctl is a useful tool for setting up email filters. I use Postmark Email Templates often.

MJML, Maizzle & Brail are nice for writing out email templates. Postal is great too. Postmark is great for sending transactional emails fast.

I think cold emails/approaches are great. Here is an example of a good one.

Listmonk is great self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager. If I ever have a need to self host email server itself, I'd use Mox.

React Email seems nice for sending emails.

Really Good Emails is great overview of nice email designs.

Read edgemail code and walkthrough to understand email servers better.