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Zero waste

Part of my minimal living lifestyle requires that I use only what I need and nothing else.

It is one of the reasons why I stopped eating meat at early age when I realized how absurd it is for some animals to be born in some factory with every second of their life preplanned for them in advance. Becoming more aware of the consequences my actions have on other living beings and the planet itself changes you. It makes you question the things you do and why you do them.

But more than that, it forces you to be more conscious of your life and the role you have on this planet. With this in my mind, I found zero waste philosophy to resonate deeply with me. I hate wasting things and I want to make everything I do have the least negative impact on the planet as possible. Because this planet is really all we have and if everyone decided that it doesn't matter what happens 5/10/50 years from now, it will be worse off for everyone.

Currently my zero waste practices involve:

  • Eating portions of food that I can actually finish and not throwing food away.
  • No longer eating meat and supporting the horrible animal slaughterhouses and instead eating a whole food, plant based diet.
  • Minimizing my use of plastics and recycling everything.
  • Drinking water/tea from my metal cup.
  • Letting other people know that this wonderful lifestyle of minimalism and zero waste exists and how great it actually is to adhere it.