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Natural language processing

Find generative ML like Stable Diffusion/Midjourney fascinating.

Love using ChatGPT and its open variants like Alpaca. Alpaca specifically has lots of momentum building on top of it, like this UI.

Prompt Engineering is great read.

spaCy (with their NLP course) & Fairseq are interesting libraries. Natural Language Processing with Transformers Book is nice book. Hugging Face NLP Course is probably the best NLP intro out there.

DALL·E 2 is fascinating too. Trying to understand DALL-E in PyTorch implementation. Although Midjourney is strictly superior technology now.

Getting started with NLP for absolute beginners is a nice intro.

LangChain & Petals are interesting. Lightning GPT is nice minimal GPT implementation. Want to try use LLaMA model.

Tokenizers & tiktoken are interesting tokenizers.

rust-bert is useful for making NLP pipelines.

Want to explore fine tuning FLAN-T5 model together with examples from OpenAI Cookbook.

LLM-Chain is amazing tool. Building LLM applications for production is great read.

This is a great thread to understand transformer neural nets.

GPT in 60 Lines of NumPy is great read to understand how large language models work.