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List all apps/workflows I use on GitHub. Open-Source iOS Apps list is nice list.

A Best-in-Class iOS App is great book. Any Distance is a neat app design wise.

Modern iOS Navigation Patterns is great read.

I try build iOS apps either with SwiftUI and Composable Architecture library. Or Expo for cross platform apps.

Apollo is the most well designed iOS app in my mind.

Nice OSS iOS Swift apps


  • Supercharge - Offers an innovative tweak editor with dozens of tools to build tweaks without writing a single line of code.
  • play.js - Node.js and React Native IDE for iPhone and iPad.
  • CocoaHub - Events, news and articles related to Apple's programming ecosystem in the palm of your hand.
  • Quick Capture - Frictionless note taking on iOS.
  • Honk - Chat in real-time with friends.
  • Apple Pay Cash Animation in iOS (Tweet)
  • Until App - Track the meaningful events in your life.