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Command Line Tools & eg are useful tools. Command Line Interface Guidelines are great.

nap & circumflex are nicely made CLIs written in Go & Bubble Tea (my preferred CLI stack).

There is also a nice curated CLI list

fzf is great tool.


  • ripgrep to search for text.
  • fzf to fuzzy search through inputs.
  • watchexec to rerun command when files of certain type change. Essential for fast feedback workflows. I usually have code on the left and terminal on right in VSCode. Use some fish functions for common commands.
  • exa to replace ls as it has prettier output.
  • bat to show contents of the file.
  • jq to process/modify JSON.
  • git for all version control.
  • curl to do HTTP requests in terminal.
  • yt-dlp to download videos.


  • rga - Ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc. (Article) (HN)
  • fd - Simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'.
  • up - Deploy infinitely scalable serverless apps, APIs, and sites in seconds to AWS.
  • tmux - Terminal multiplexer.
  • direnv - Environment switcher for the shell.
  • htop - Interactive text-mode process viewer for Unix systems.
  • httpie - HTTP client.
  • rq - Tool for doing record analysis and transformation.
  • pandoc - Universal markup converter.
  • trash - Move files and folders to the trash.
  • vtop - Graphical activity monitor.
  • gotop - Terminal based graphical activity monitor inspired by gtop and vtop.
  • howdoi - Instant coding answers.
  • asciinema - Terminal session recorder.
  • tldr - Simplified and community-driven man pages.
  • imgcat - Like cat but for images.
  • screenfetch - Fetches system/theme information in terminal.
  • hugo - Fast and flexible static site generator.
  • reflex - Run a command when files change.
  • modd - Flexible tool for responding to file system changes.
  • now - Real time global deployments served over HTTP/2.
  • yarn - Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.
  • hub - GitHub wrapper.
  • xsv - Fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust.
  • pv - Pipe Viewer.
  • m-cli - Useful utils for macOS.
  • pgcli - Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting.
  • mas - CLI for mac app store.
  • loc - Count lines of code quickly.
  • alfred - Manage Go-based Alfred workflows.
  • neofetch - System information tool.
  • license-up - Create a license quickly for your project.
  • piknik - Copy/paste anything over the network.
  • bench - Command-line benchmark tool.
  • ghq - Manage remote repository clones.
  • npx - Execute npm package binaries.
  • devd - Local webserver for developers.
  • wifi-password - Get the password of the WiFi you're on.
  • fkill - Fabulously kill processes.
  • ran - Simple static web server written in Go.
  • mcfly - Fast visual command history search.
  • hyperfine - Excellent command-line benchmarking tool.


  • Look into gh cli for example of a well designed CLI. The -h is amazing.