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Rust Book (interactive version), Comprehensive Rust Guide & rustlings are best intros into Rust. Together with rust cheat sheet.

Rust in Action, Rust for JS Devs & Zero To Prod (good notes) are nice too. You can also use this brief starter guide.

I use Rust to build desktop apps with Tauri. But try to use it for more things. I also like Go & TS for scripting / browser code.

David Tolnay writes nice Rust code.

Xilem: an architecture for UI in Rust is nice read for making UI in Rust.

Enjoyed Building Web UI's in Rust w/ Greg Johnston episode on writing Rust code for Web UIs.

Rust Atomics and Locks: Low-Level Concurrency in Practice is great book.

MacroKata is great for learning macros. Idiomatic Rust & Rust Performance are nice reads to learn best practices.

Fenix is interesting.


OSS Rust websites


cargo watch -q -x "run -q" # watch for Rust files and run on changes