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Learn Rust 101, Rust Book (interactive version), Comprehensive Rust Guide & rustlings are best intros into Rust. Together with rust cheat sheet.

Rust in Action, Rust for JS Devs & Zero To Prod (good notes) are nice too. You can also use this brief starter guide.

I use Rust to build desktop apps with Tauri. But try to use it for more things. I also like Go & TS for scripting / browser code.

David Tolnay writes nice Rust code.

Xilem: an architecture for UI in Rust is nice read for making UI in Rust.

Enjoyed Building Web UI's in Rust w/ Greg Johnston episode on writing Rust code for Web UIs.

Rust Atomics and Locks: Low-Level Concurrency in Practice is great book.

MacroKata is great for learning macros. Idiomatic Rust & Rust Performance are nice reads to learn best practices. LifetimeKata is nice to understand lifetimes.

Fenix is interesting. Aquascope is nice tool.

Rerun has great code to study for how to build an app in Rust.

Railway CLI is great.

Building a Rust service with Nix is great series. muslrust is nice for compiling Rust to run in cloud settings.

My main blocker with not using Rust more is compilation times. But there are ways to improve this.


OSS Rust websites


cargo watch -q -x "run -q" # watch for Rust files and run on changes