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Zero to Nix, Nix Flakes: first steps,, Nix One Pager & Nix Book are great places to start learning/using Nix. How to learn Nix series is great too.

Looking into using Nix Quick Install Action in my projects. devshell, statix, deploy-rs, devenv & nix-tree are neat.

I used Nix time article to install Nix on my mac. Tvix is exciting implementation of Nix in Rust.

Evolution of Nix is a nice historical talk on Nix.

Noogle is great Nix API search engine. devenv or devbox are great for bootstrapping dev environments.

nixify is interesting. Attic is great self hostable nix binary cache.

Standard is nice Nix flakes framework. Flox is interesting too.



# Build nix package locally.

# cd into cloned

# Build package from default.nix inside nixpkgs. Will put result as ./result if succeeds
# i.e. nix-build -A watchexec -> will build watchexec package
nix-build -A <package>

# Install the build and put it `~/.nix-profile/bin`
nix-env -i ./result
# Garbage collect
sudo nix-collect-garbage --delete-older-than 30d