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Nix, Nix One Pager & Nix Book are great places to start learning/using Nix. How to learn Nix series is great too.

Looking into using Nix Quick Install Action in my projects. devshell, statix deploy-rs are neat.

I used Nix time article to install Nix on my mac.

Evolution of Nix is a nice historical talk on Nix.



# Build nix package locally.

# cd into cloned

# Build package from default.nix inside nixpkgs. Will put result as ./result if succeeds
# i.e. nix-build -A watchexec -> will build watchexec package
nix-build -A <package>

# Install the build and put it `~/.nix-profile/bin`
nix-env -i ./result
# Garbage collect
sudo nix-collect-garbage --delete-older-than 30d