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I ♥️️ GitHub. It is one of the best communities out there that exists with so many different projects and ideas being worked on at any given time.

I publish most of my work and make it open source for other people to use and reuse.

Here you can find all the repositories I shared.

GitHub CLI is useful. One thing I want to do is meet top GitHub contributors from different countries and talk with them. Git Stars provides a neat tool for that. I use Go GitHub lib to access GitHub data.

gh-poi is useful for cleaning up already merged git branches.

Probot is nice for writing GitHub automations. Octocrab is nice Rust GitHub library.

Interesting GitHub Bios

Great GitHub readme

  • lichess - Clean & to the point.
  • Siren - Like the Project Page | Paper | Data links links + no extra things in readme.
  • next.js - Clean, nice logo.
  • Notable - Like the icons after the heading & nice screenshots.

Nice GitHub sponsor pages






Awesome List