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I ♥️️ GitHub. It is one of the best communities out there that exists with so many different projects and ideas being worked on at any given time.

I publish most of my work and make it open source for other people to use and reuse.

Here you can find all the repositories I shared.

GitHub CLI is useful. One thing I want to do is meet top GitHub contributors from different countries and talk with them. Git Stars provides a neat tool for that. I use Go GitHub lib to access GitHub data.

I like to make private contributions private on my profile (in GitHub settings) as it makes the squares on the GitHub timeline view nicer to use. Wish others did it too.

gh-poi is useful for cleaning up already merged git branches.

Interesting GitHub Bios

Great GitHub readme

  • lichess - Clean & to the point.
  • Siren - Like the Project Page | Paper | Data links links + no extra things in readme.
  • next.js - Clean, nice logo.
  • Notable - Like the icons after the heading & nice screenshots.

Nice GitHub sponsor pages






Awesome List