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Open Source

The key to success in open source lies in understanding that it's not just about software, it's about the people (great and clear communication with proper documentation).

I try to make my working on open source sustainable with building actual paid products and having nice GitHub sponsors rewards.

I do think the future is everything being open core. As it makes sense. If there are 2 nearly identical products but one has open code and another doesn't, it makes sense that one that's with open code wins as the contribution/ideas flow is unbounded on open source project. If managed well.

My goal is to make every tool/app I use be open core with fastest and most intuitive interfaces available.

Dan has great tips on what it means to be high quality software maintainers. Anthony Fu's contribution guide is great.

Inlang & are nice open source companies. Handbook is nice read.

Like seeing overviews of OSS releases of a person in a page like this. I use GitHub bio for this.

Nice contributing pages