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I share all the YouTube channels I follow and all YouTube playlists I made (all but Good Music are outdated). Also share my TikTok likes.

Descript is amazing for video/sound editing. Cloudflare Video is great for hosting videos (aside from YouTube itself). YT-DLP is great for downloading videos from the web.

Prefer Google Meet for first meeting video calls. And Around as a team tool to do video collaborations.

Video Encoding from Scratch is great for learning video codecs.

Vidstack Player is nice browser player.

Screen Studio is great for doing screen recordings.

FFmpeg - Ultimate Guide is nice read.

Lite YouTube Embed is nice for embedding YouTube videos on websites.

Inspiring editing

Favorite clips


  • Streamable - Video publishing made easy.
  • Around - Quick, high-impact video calls for a new era of work.
  • Natron - Open Source Compositing Software for VFX and Motion Graphics. (Code) (HN)