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I keep a list of games I want to play & games I am playing now or plan to play next on Grouvee.

I also keep a list of all games I have played with a list of my favorite games I've played. I also share thoughts on some games I played.

I mostly only play PS5 games. Together with chess on iPhone/iPad.

One game I thought of making is extending Veloren to make my own version of Hytale/Minecraft. Bottleneck there is making pretty assets but generative models are getting better and better. And can even generate Blender models now.

If I ever make a small game, seems like a nice marketplace.

I wish someone built a nice UI/UX gaming track site like Letterboxd. Grouvee is closest I found that lets you share lists and things on the web but has bad UI. GameTrack has nicer UX and mobile app but no website and ability to share things. Perhaps one built this already.

Awesome Online games

Awesome OSS games

Awesome games (other)