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The year I reached / got close to some kind of stability in life. I am confident in my abilities to contribute meaningfully. I gained work experience through my short stay at Deedmob. Moved to Amsterdam and attended a few events. I also traveled a bit more this year than in 2017. Not a lot though. I think my photography skills have improved greatly.

It was a stressful year given it was the first year I was tasked with writing software for a company and getting paid to do it. I finally dropped out of my CS program in university and no longer had to hate my life for going through with the mess that is a university degree. Learn Anything didn't improve much this year aside from me getting a real clear picture of what Learn Anything should look like in 2019. Learn/Explore/Build.

Whilst this year was arguably less productive for me than 2017. I changed a lot as a person this year. And interestingly I spent a lot of time this year improving and ironing out my wiki. I genuinely enjoy extending it. To the point that I only released one article in 2018.

This is also the year where each month of the year has an entry, big or small, in looking back.

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Wrapping up 2018

I changed a lot this year. And wisened up in many areas of my life. Gained my first work experience. Stressed out about my inability to grasp things. And relaxed on days that I could.

All in all it was a great year but I am most excited about the plans I have for 2019.