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2019 โ€‹

Just read Dan Abramov's Decade in Review and am inspired to more briefly account for the things that happened to me this year.

It's been another year of all the months logged and looked backed on. I am 24 now and I joined two companies this year. One of the companies is working on a platform on providing tools for researches to run analysis on data created from an immunoprofile of a person. Which in turn should allow decisions to be made as to what drugs should the person get in order to use his/her own immune system to fight of the disease. Or even allow catching or preventing of disease before getting it. Biology is truly beautiful and complex piece of evolved engineering.

The second company is working with geospatial data (> billions rows) and its goal is to extract insights from said data.

Both companies were amazing for me in terms of personal growth. I've learned to love React and JavaScript (and TypeScript). Creating (more complex) layouts with CSS still puzzles me but Flexbox is great. Just need more practice. Wrote 0 libraries and 0 tools for myself this year aside from some KM macros and a more highly optimized Karabiner config. I now use variables and have language modes so my dot key layer outputs different results according to language I am working on.

I also started working on a redesign of my personal site with a soon to be released blog of my own. Proper code blocks, markdown on GitHub, the whole thing. Tania's page is a huge inspiration. I want to grow my own personal space in 2020 and beyond. This wiki was a great starting point into what a personal space on the internet could look like for me. It contains a lot of stuff. Too much stuff to consume in my lifetime even. Although who knows.

Moving to London has been a nice and pleasant change. It's a great city with lots of room for growth. Amazing people making incredible events.

My new life habits in 2020. Just 6 of them but a great grounding point for how to lead my life and what I consider a successful day to look like.

Looking forward โ€‹

What do I expect from 2020? More calmness and certainty in my actions and thoughts. I know what needs to be done and worked on, there are no surprises there. It just needs to be worked on and done well. I think my lack of proper understanding of core knowledge that runs our world is still severely lacking. Networking, algorithms and data structures (the basics but done and implemented myself). I kind of understand how things I work with work but there are still too many black boxes I deal with.

I removed my Focus board in Trello. Now it all lives in 2Do. Goal is just another task after all, just has a bigger investment of time needed. I am still thinking whether it deserves a tag of its own in 2Do like goals or not.

Here's to an awesome decade ahead. ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿš€