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Moved from London back to Netherlands. Taking life a bit more slowly now as 2019 in London was hectic. Especially time after losing my job at Gyana, looking to find work with a quickly dwindling bank account. I was close to poverty both in 2019 and 2020. I did love London though. Met some amazing people & found some nice places.

I documented most of the pains & thoughts I had throughout the year in this journal/twitter. I didn't take many photos and am planning to spend the next year actively improving my photography skills. Starting with simply taking a photo each day.

My goals for next year are more or less the same as the previous one but with more attention given to personal financial sustainability and improving my skills further by building things I need.

For personal finances, I want to grow the number of assets I own. As well as investing sizable capital into growing my ideas, Learn Anything being the main one.

I earned around 100$ from my own projects this year thanks to my GitHub Sponsors. Not a lot but it's not 0. And that's a start. ♥️

Oh and I picked up chess together with many million others thanks to Queen's Gambit. Such a fun game to watch and play.

Brandur's 2021 goals are great. I loved his goals of inspiring positivity & writing more.