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One thing I truly learned and internalized this year:

Who I am is not what I think of myself in my head. It's the actions and things I say and do! Showing love & affection is very important (to family/partner & friends too).

It's great to realize it fully now that I am 26. People judge & think of you by your actions and not your intentions.

I don't have much to say about this year except it was quite tough mentally/financially. I didn't really progress much on my projects except this wiki. Switched jobs from CodeYellow to Droppa. Became more confident with front end and code in general. I'm now in a nice place where I am confident I can build anything given some time.


Going to use Notion a lot going into this year, especially this Goals board. Will contain high level goals I want to work on as well as themes (things/areas-to-focus to keep in mind). Includes the 6 habits I need to do!

I also need to build a tool to block out distractions fully during my focus blocks. I previously used Focus app for it but want to build something more custom/streamlined for myself. Ability to start pomodoro timers via hotkeys/Alfred + websites blocked during my focus time (HN/Twitter/Lobsters/Reddit/GitHub (front page)) for me. I wasted too much time on pointless things in 2021. No regrets of course but this won't happen in 2022! Only good vibes and useful projects.


Other look backs

  • Devine - Love the focus of each year on 'going deep into things'.